Vice President Pence Lies to North Carolina About GOP Tax Bill

Pence ignores thousands of working people throughout NC who now face layoffs by companies who received billions in tax cuts

Friday, April 20, 2018


Not One Penny spokesman Tim Hogan released the following statement on Vice President Mike Pence’s op-ed in the Charlotte Observer, in which he lies to North Carolina families about the impact the GOP tax bill has had on working people throughout the state:

“Vice President Pence clearly hasn’t spent any time talking to working people in North Carolina. Since the passage of the GOP tax bill, thousands of people throughout the state are now being told they’re getting laid-off while some of our country’s biggest corporations like Wells Fargo have gotten billions in tax cuts. The Vice President’s spin isn’t fooling anyone in North Carolina.”


  • According to North Carolina WARN data documenting mass layoffs, at least 3,707 people have been notified of layoffs in North Carolina since the passage of the GOP tax bill.

  • Wells Fargo, which received over $3 billion in tax cuts as a result of the GOP bill, has announced layoffs for 593 people in North Carolina since the bill’s passage.

  • Layoff numbers in North Carolina are likely even higher than what’s recorded in the state’s WARN data, which only document when a company closes a plant, cuts 500 jobs or eliminates one-third of its local positions. Companies with cuts just shy of those requirements can go unreported to the state.