Trump Defends Tax Breaks For Wealthy As Tax Bill Authors Cash Out on K Street

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


WASHINGTON, D.C.  — Yesterday, in response to legislation that was introduced to repeal the GOP tax law, President Trump tweeted that there was “no chance” that repeal efforts would succeed. Trump’s defense of the law comes as reports show massive pay gaps between CEOs and workers, companies laying off workers after receiving massive tax breaks, and record share buybacks at thehighest rate in at least a decade.

As Donald Trump and congressional Republicans consider a second round of tax cuts for the wealthiest individuals, Republican aides that worked on the TrumpTax are now taking plum lobbying gigs on K Street.

“Donald Trump and congressional Republicans are more interested in protecting the interests of their wealthy donors and huge corporations than America’s hardworking middle-class families,” saidNot One Penny spokesperson Tim Hogan. “Instead of enriching themselves with high-paying lobbying jobs and yet another round of tax cuts for the rich, Republicans should pursue responsible tax reform that provides true relief to working families.”

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