TAX SCAM EXPOSED: 30 Billboard Campaign Shows How GOP Members of Congress Benefit from the New Tax Law at the Expense of American Families

Members of Congress in More Than 30 Districts Wake To Find Their Misdeeds Plastered On Local Billboards

Constituents Find Out Their GOP Members of Congress Gave Themselves a Massive Payday

Billboards Highlight Wider Implication of #CorkerKickback

Monday, April 16, 2018


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Just ahead of tax day, Not One Penny is unveiling more than 30 new billboards in states and congressional districts across the nation exposing GOP members of Congress for giving themselves a massive payday as a result of the TrumpTax.

The billboards are part of a national, six-figure campaign aimed at holding Republicans in Congress accountable for their efforts to rig the system in favor of themselves and the wealthiest Americans.

The billboards are located in districts and states from coast to coast. Each billboard calls out a different member of Congress for financially benefiting from the tax bill they supported.

The billboards list the minimum dollar amount that the Member of Congress benefits, then asks the question of constituents, “What did you get?” The numbers are based on a recently-released study by the Center for American Progress.

“Congressional Republicans have given themselves massive tax breaks,” said Not One Penny Spokesperson Tim Hogan. “This is textbook corruption: lining their pockets while raising taxes on the middle class and cutting the things that working families rely on like Medicaid and Medicare. They need to be called out for putting themselves ahead of their constituents. Working families deserve better from their elected officials and will hold them accountable for voting to undermine the wellbeing of families across the nation.”

The new analysis by the Center for American Progress Action Fund (CAPAF) reveals that many Members of Congress who promoted and voted for the tax bill stand to benefit substantially from the passthrough tax break. Meanwhile, the Tax Policy Center found that 92 million middle-income families across America will pay more in taxes, while the richest 0.1 percent will get a nearly $150,000 tax break with the TrumpTax. Millions will also see a 10 percent increase in health insurance premiums and our commitment to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security will be undermined.

The Not One Penny tax day billboards are located in the following districts and states:

Mike D. Rogers (AL-03) — $15,300
Doug LaMalfa (CA-01) — $7,650
Jeff Denham (CA-10) — $110,500
David Valadao (CA-21) — $1,000,000
Neal Dunn (FL-02) — $19,316
Dennis A. Ross (FL-15) — $100,000
Vern Buchanan (FL-16) — $2,131,750
Tom Rooney (FL-17) — $600,250
Susan W. Brooks (IN-05) — $106,500
Trey Hollingsworth (IN-09) — $4,566,500
Justin Amash (MI-03) — $105,000
Vicky Hartzler (MO-04) — $26,354
Greg Gianforte (MT-01) — $20,100
Warren Davidson (OH-08) — $100,100
James B. Renacci (OH-16) — $330,100
Mike Kelly (PA-03) — $15,100
Tom Marino (PA-10) — $15,300
Tom Rice (SC-07) — $230,250
Diane Black (TN-06) — $1,045,000
Randy Weber (TX-14) — $9,945
Lamar Smith (TX-21) — $15,683
Kenny Marchant (TX-24) — $108,271

Johnny Isakson (GA) — $17,500
Chuck Grassley (IA) — $9,121
James Risch (ID) — $14,153
Pat Roberts (KS) — $8,798
John Hoeven (ND) — $136,180
Dean Heller (NV) — $4,991
Rob Portman (OH) — $69,550
Bob Corker (TN) — $704,883
Lamar Alexander (TN) — $110,349
Ron Johnson (WI) — $205,000

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