STATEMENT: Not One Penny Responds to Trump’s Faux-Attack on Pfizer

From Stock Buybacks to Increasing CEO’s Compensation, Pfizer Has Used Their Tax Savings to Enrich Stakeholders at Patients’ Expense

Monday, July 9, 2018


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, in response to President Trump’s tweet slamming Pfizer for once again increasing drug prices, Not One Penny spokesperson Ryan Thomas released the following statement:

“Donald Trump has done nothing to hold Pfizer accountable for their price gouging. In fact, he gave them nearly $11 billion in new tax breaks earlier this year. As prices continue to skyrocket, it’s clear that Trump’s belief that drug companies would use their tax savings to lower costs was either misguided or, more likely, a lie used to push his tax plan through Congress. Trump should be ashamed that he has allowed big pharmaceutical companies to scam the American people.”


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