Not One Penny Statement On Pfizer’s Annual Shareholders Meeting and Vote Today on Executive Compensation – CEO Will Receive Record 61 Percent Pay Increase in 2017

After Getting Over $10 Billion from Trump Tax Plan, Pfizer Gave CEO Massive Pay Raise But Increased Prescription Drug Prices on Millions of Americans

Thursday, April 26, 2018


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Not One Penny spokesperson Tim Hogan released the following statement on Pfizer’s annual meeting that took place in Short Hills, NJ today:

“Pfizer got over $10 billion in tax breaks from the TrumpTax plan. And what have they done with this massive tax break? It gave its CEO a record 61 percent pay increase and signed the lease on a brand new luxury HQ atop a Manhattan skyscraper, all while it continued to increase prescription drug prices for millions of Americans. Pfizer also cut Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s research that families were depending on as its CEO bought himself a multimillion dollar sky villa in Sunny Isles Beach.  As the biggest pharmaceutical corporation in the country, Pfizer’s actions impact millions of people’s lives. The billions in tax breaks Pfizer has gotten from President Trump and Republicans in Congress has done nothing to improve the lives of American families.”