NEW PA-18 AD: Not One Penny Highlights Rick Saccone’s Support of the GOP Tax Plan That Overwhelmingly Benefits the Wealthy

Saccone’s Support of the Republican Tax Plan Is An Affront to Middle-Class Pennsylvanians

Friday, March 9, 2018


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, ahead of the special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district, Not One Penny is up with a new radio ad shining a light on Rick Saccone’s support of the recently passed Republican tax plan, which gives 83 percent of the tax cuts to the wealthiest 1 percent while working families are left behind.

The 60-second ad, part of a six-figure buy in western Pennsylvania, showcases the devastating impacts of the new tax law, including unfair and unnecessary tax breaks for the super wealthy paid for by tax increases on working families and massive cuts to life-saving health care programs.

“Republicans like Rick Saccone will continue to lie about the impacts of the GOP tax plan, but Pennsylvanians know that this plan was written by and for the wealthy,” said Tim Hogan, spokesman for Not One Penny. “From increasing insurance premiums to raising taxes on middle-class families, the Republican tax plan Saccone supports is not what hard-working Pennsylvanians need. Instead, they need a representative who will repeal the tax law and support legislation that makes the economy work for working people.”

Recent polling shows that a majority of Americans oppose the Republican tax plan forced through Congress by Republican leadership. The new polling shows that, despite Republican donors spending millions of dollars to deceive the American public, voters know that the tax plan gives billions to wealthy corporations and the rich at the expense of working people.

The ad can be heard here and a full transcript is included below.

# # #

[Male Narrator]

“Honest Politician.” [chuckle]  Seems like an oxymoron these days.

Take Rick Saccone.

Rick Saccone and his friends are flooding the airwaves with negative ads about taxes … but he never mentions how his tax plan hurts Western Pennsylvanians.

Because eighty three percent of the new tax cuts go to the wealthiest one percent … while people who have to work for a living pay more.

Under the new tax plan Rick Saccone supports, the majority of Americans will pay higher taxes once it’s fully phased in.

Plus it jacks up insurance premiums for many Pennsylvania families by over two thousand dollars next year.  So even if you do get a tax break, it’s wiped out by higher healthcare premiums. Thanks Rick Saccone.

You know what else Rick Saccone didn’t mention?  The new tax plan increases the deficit by one point five trillion dollars.  And they say they’ll pay for it by cutting Medicare and Social Security.

No wonder Rick Saccone isn’t telling you the truth.

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