NEW AD CAMPAIGN: Not One Penny Holds Rep. Poliquin Accountable for Voting To Raise Taxes on Middle Class

TrumpTax Hits Maine’s Working Families and Transfers Money to Millionaires and Wealthy Corporations

Thursday, January 18, 2018


Bangor, ME — Following the passage of the disastrous TrumpTax, Not One Penny has released a series of new ads calling on Mainers to hold Representative Bruce Poliquin accountable for voting to cut taxes for wealthy corporations and millionaires like him at the expense of working families. The three new ads, part of a seven-figure national campaign, will begin airing in Bangor this week to urge Poliquin’s constituents to demand he repeal the TrumpTax that raises taxes on 187,000 Maine households, including a majority of working families.

The new ads come as Not One Penny’s nationwide Repeal the TrumpTax Tour moved westward this week with events in Nevada and California. The 100-day tour will continue happening across the country with senators, representatives, and local elected officials advocating for the repeal of the most harmful provisions within the tax bill.

“When Rep. Poliquin voted for the TrumpTax, he voted against the will of the Mainers he was elected to represent by raising taxes on the middle class at the behest of his wealthy donors,” said Tim Hogan, spokesman for Not One Penny. “By voting in favor of the disastrous Republican tax plan, Rep. Poliquin showed that he is beholden to Washington special interests and K Street lobbyists. His constituents will not forget: Rep. Poliquin voted to take from middle-class families to give massive tax breaks to millionaires.”

Recent polling shows that a majority of Americans oppose the TrumpTax, including large majorities who believe that the plan benefits millionaires and big corporations at the expense of middle-class families.

The ads can be viewed herehere, and here.

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