MAYDAY: Senator Rubio Watches the Republican Tax Plan Crash and Burn

Ryan’s Resignation and Rubio’s Concession Make it Clear: Even Republicans Can’t Defend Their Own Tax Plan

Rubio Admits American Workers Lose Under the TrumpTax

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


WASHINGTON, D.C. — The TrumpTax is under fire, and Senator Marco Rubio is the latest Republican to cave to the pressure. After Paul Ryan turned tail on his crowning legislative achievement by announcing his resignation last month, Senator Rubio too has abandoned ship.

In an interview, Rubio admitted that “there’s no evidence whatsoever” the GOP tax plan benefits American workers. This admission, though a sentimentwidely shared by the American public, is astonishing coming from one of the bill’s top proponents.

Even those who crafted, lobbied for, and pushed the TrumpTax through Congress understand that it’s a disaster for consumers, middle-class families, small business owners, workers, and our economy — and they can’t run away fast enough. Meanwhile, corporate America is seeing windfall profits.

Republicans are seeing the truth of their dishonest tax scam revealed before their eyes:

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