About Not One Penny

The last thing America needs is for the tax code to be even more rigged in favor of billionaires and wealthy corporations. Instead, we need to fight for a tax code that makes the economy work better for working families. Even more tax breaks for the super rich – which is just what Republicans want to do – will only undermine our commitment to public education, job training, Medicare, and Medicaid, and make it impossible to invest in the middle class.

The American people will not accept even one penny in tax cuts for the wealthy in any bill that comes out of Washington, D.C. The middle class is what drives our country forward, and giving massive tax breaks to the richest does not help our economy grow.

We are drawing a bright red line: Not one penny in tax cuts for millionaires, billionaires and wealthy corporations.

That’s it. Simple and straightforward. This should be a policy every legislator can get behind.